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The best ways to strengthen eyesight

The grace of sight is considered an invaluable blessing. Had it not been for the presence of sight, a person’s life would have been dark, he could not see the light, and there would be many human beings deprived of this great grace. If the visionary realizes the value of what he possesses, praise be to God Almighty by day and night. God Almighty’s right to praise and thanks for this blessing is not fulfilled. There are many visionaries who suffer from poor eyesight, and in this case they must work to preserve their eyesight. There are two types of visual impairment which are farsightedness and nearsightedness, as the human eye enables From seeing photos and objects around him, after the light passed by Kh The pupil of the eye and its focus by the lens on the retina in the back of the eye, and then the retina transforms light into electrical impulses that are transmitted to the brain, and the brain interprets them as visual images, and the spot that is part of the retina provides a clear central vision, allowing For the person to see the colors, shapes, and details that fall directly into the line of vision, and through this article we will talk about how to make the eyesight strong.

Ways to strengthen vision:
 There are many methods that can be used and used to strengthen vision, the most important of which is to obtain key vitamins and minerals, as obtaining minerals that have anti-oxidant properties and that a person needs to strengthen eyesight is an important matter, the most important of which is zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E, and among the most important vegetables and fruits that are available in these elements are carrots, spinach, broccoli, strawberries and sweet potatoes, in addition to sweet red pepper, and care must be taken to eat foods rich in carotenoids, because of their importance to the eye and that substance is available in eggs and vegetables Rawat paper.

Wear protective glasses:
 As these glasses are usually made of polycarbonate, which is considered the most rigid of plastic, and this makes wearing it necessary when doing things such as conducting a scientific experiment, or during the exercise of some sports such as tennis, or if the nature of the work requires that In which a person is exposed to chemicals, sawdust, and the like, and wearing sunglasses before exposure to sunlight is important, and it is advisable to choose sunglasses that block 99-100% of the UVB rays of the medium and long waves, and you should protect The eyes from exposure to damage and command , Can be replaced by wearing sunglasses to wear extended-brimmed hat also help to protect the eyes from sun damage.

Keep fit:
As exercising and maintaining a healthy weight is very important, and as it is known, obesity may be a cause of diabetes, and the complications involved in this disease are the most important of which are diabetic retinopathy, which is represented by the occurrence of damage to the small blood vessels In the eye as a result of high blood sugar level, and the incidence of some chronic diseases may be a reason for affecting the eyes, the most important of which is multiple sclerosis and high blood pressure, and this requires the patient to pay attention to healthy habits and take medications necessary for his condition.

Follow healthy habits:
As this requires smoking cessation because it increases the possibility of eye diseases, especially cataract or what is known as white water, in addition to ensuring that the hands are kept clean, as it is possible to transfer germs to the eyes when touching them, which leads to irritation of the eyes and the impact of vision, It is worth noting the importance of following the instructions and instructions for using contact lenses, and washing hands thoroughly before handling them.

Using the computer:
Whereas, with the increase in the use of computers in the past decades, the incidence of visual impairment has also increased. Therefore, stare at the computer should be stopped with each working period of 10-15 minutes, and divert attention to something else that is at least 10 meters away.
Vision strengthening exercises:
 There are a lot of exercises that contribute to strengthening the eyesight, and one of the most important is looking close and far - that when performing this exercise the person must stand or sit beside an open window so that the sight of the horizon is clear, while making sure to keep the hands aside, and then the person focuses on a party The nose for 5-10 seconds, and this is repeated 10-20 times. Then the eyes are closed and the person relaxes. As for the breathing pattern during this exercise, the inhalation takes place while watching the near object, and the exhalation is done while watching the distant objects.

 Eyelash exercise:
This exercise also requires sitting comfortably and keeping the eyes open, and then blinking the eyes together for about ten times so that it is very fast, after that the eyes are closed and the person relaxes for twenty seconds while making sure to take a slow breath during the period of relaxation, and it is advised to repeat this exercise five times.

 Close and cover eyes
As this exercise works to give the visual system and mind calm, in addition to minimizing the visual dysfunction that may occur as a result of exposure to mental stress or constant anxiety, either of the way to perform this exercise in the beginning must sit quietly with the eyes closed and taking a deep breath, which is The body gives a feeling of relaxation, and then the palms of the hands are vigorously rubbed until warm, then the eyes are covered with the palm of the hand, and this condition must remain until the hands are completely absorbed by the eyes, then the hands are removed from the eyes while keeping closed, and the rub process is repeated These eyes cover w Females times at least.

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