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Symptoms of albumin disease

Proteins are an important part of the diet, as they play a central role in the growth and repair processes in the body. They also help build muscle bones, prevent infection, and maintain fluid balance in the body. There are also many proteins in the blood. Perhaps the most important of them The most common is albumin protein, and due to the large size of proteins, most of them cannot pass through the kidney filters to urine, and it does not appear in the urine except in very limited quantities in, and therefore the body is able to retain it and not go waste with urine, as the healthy kidneys filter the quantities a For excess fluids and waste products from the blood into the urine, and maintains the blood content of proteins and other necessary nutrients, but there are some diseases and health problems that can affect kidney function, and prevent their ability to prevent proteins from leaking through the urine, which leads to the emergence of proteins in the urine. In high quantities, and the primary protein apparent in the urine is often in this case the albumin protein, and this condition is known as the proteinuria or albumin, and it should be noted that the term albumin disease in this case may not be completely accurate, as albumin is not a disease based on The same, but a sign of disease or health problem has affected kidney.

Albumin disease symptoms:
At the beginning, the person with albumin does not notice any symptoms or warning signs, and the amount of protein leaked into the urine is few or moderate, so the person does not feel any change in his urine, and the only way to discover albumin is through a urine test in a hospital or medical laboratory, but with exacerbation The condition and the increase in the damage to the kidneys. The amount of protein that comes out with the urine increases dramatically. Then the person may notice some symptoms, such as:
  1. Bubbles or foam appear in the urine.
  2. Swelling of the hands, feet, and sometimes of the face.
  3. Difficulty breathing, in addition to suffering from hiccups or hiccups.
  4. Frequent and frequent urination.
  5. Suffering from sleep problems.
  6. Fatigue, fatigue, nausea and vomiting.
  7. Dry skin and itchy skin.

Causes of albumin disease:
One of the most important causes of albuminuria or proteinuria is the infection of one of the glomeruli of the kidneys. Glomeruli are considered the main functional units in the kidneys, and they are responsible for filtering blood in the kidneys. In the event of glomerulonephritis or diabetes, the glomeruli can be damaged and proteins released. With urine. Albumin as a symptom of congestive heart failure or as a warning sign of preeclampsia.

Urinary tract infection: Urinary tract infection can be inferred by the appearance of some symptoms and signs on the affected person such as: fever, burning or pain during urination, pain or pressure in the lower abdomen area, and a sense of urgent need to urinate suddenly.

Doing strenuous exercise or suffering from very high fever, in this case the occurrence of albumin is temporary, and suffering from erectile proteinuria, which is benign and harmless, occurs in children mostly, and causes protein to appear in the urine in quantities that exceed the usual normal limits at times Late in the day and not appearing in the morning.

Urine treatment:
The presence of albumin in the urine requires periodic review by the doctor, and the treatment method depends on the causer of albumin, if it is due to psychological tension or physical stress, albumin will be removed as soon as this effect is removed, as well as for rheumatism drugs, but it is better to consult a doctor to change the type of medicine, but with Concerning nephritis, where there is and can be treated with cortisone drugs, of course if the cause is high blood pressure, the patient must maintain his blood pressure at the normal rate, to avoid complications other than urine albumin, and the same is true for diabetics. There are many natural ingredients that contribute to the treatment of urine albumin, including: sweetened ginger tea with honey, olive oil with thyme., Grapes, green beans, camel milk, boiled onion seeds, and drinks a cup of it three times per day, and as advised Reducing fat and eating more fresh vegetables, fish, and chicken.
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