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Stress Relief Foods will make you more relaxed

Stress is a psychological condition that affects a person for many reasons, and it has symptoms that differ from one person to another, and makes the person always hesitating and perplexing, and even unable to make the easiest decisions, and this case is often accompanied by other psychological cases, and may even turn into a serious disease, either of The term (psychological state) is very different from mental illness, for every person goes through psychological states, then rest is a psychological condition, and sadness is a psychological condition, as well as anxiety a psychological condition, but if the matter exceeds its limit, the situation turns into a disease, and today we will provide some foods That helps the body and prepare its chemistry to overcome the moments of stress and tension that you may want To take one during rest and relaxation.

What are the causes of tension:
  1. Family problems: It is one of the most prevalent causes, especially in our Arab societies, where family problems such as divorce, for example, greatly affect individuals and their psychological states, so they are always tense
  2.  Extreme fear: As fear is one of the most important causes that create tension, and there are those who fear too much of the future and feel very tense, which affects the present in which the individual lives, and this is reflected in his personality.
  3.  Trauma: Psychological trauma has a major impact on the individual, so some of us who have no sad memories, and all human beings are vulnerable to trauma, and this may affect their psychological states, so the individual suffers from extreme tension because he is afraid to take any new step in his life, he may be exposed To shock again.
  4.  Failure: It is also one of the actual causes of tension. Failure to work, to education, or to emotional life, and others, greatly affects the psyche of the individual, and if he cannot overcome it, his personality will inevitably be reflected.
  5.  Hereditary cause:. The cause of stress may be hereditary, but the cause is rarely hereditary.
Feed him to treat stress:
Avocado: As it has been proven that this creamy fruit helps its ability to calm nerves as it contains glutathione, which helps absorb fat from the intestine, which causes gases, and avocado also contains lutein, beta-carotene, vitamin E, folic acid more than any other fruit. But don't forget that it is fatty fruit in the end so don't take it to one slice.

Raspberry fruit:
As the fruit is one of the fruits that contain the most powerful antioxidants, it is the anthocyanin that is linked to everything healthy inside the body and this also includes strawberries, red berries and black berries, as it is rich in vitamin C, which helps to relax, and some German researchers have tested the ability of vitamin C to 120 people have achieved good results in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and it is charming results if eaten iced.

Cashew nuts are among the best types of nuts and snacks as a result of their many benefits and their ability to satisfy you. Cashew nuts are one of the nuts that contain a large percentage of zinc, which provides you with 11% of what you need daily. It will help you to have more control over stress and tension.

Where there are many chocolate lovers and fans will be happy with that in addition to all the health benefits of chocolate, awareness is the best choice to control pressure and tension after a difficult day, as it helps to lower blood pressure and give you a sense of calm.

Where oats contain complex carbohydrates that stimulate the brain to produce serotonin, which improves mood and also contains many antioxidants that make you feel relaxed and is one of the foods to overcome pressure and tension with some warm milk. You can have a snack in the middle of a working day Difficult to renew your activity and improve your ability

Oranges and appointed sentences:
Orange is another source of vitamin C, which is orange, which in turn preserves the freshness of the skin and strengthens the immune system. As we mentioned before, it helps you get rid of pressure and tension, the eye of the camel, and it has a party-like taste in the mouth, as it gives you happiness in addition to that it contains Linolenic acid, omega-3, and more beautiful antioxidants protect against Alzheimer's, enhance memory, improve mental abilities, and improve mood.

Salmon and shellfish: Salmon contains healthy fats and omega-3 acids that help the brain secrete serotonin and improve mood and in turn reduce stress and tension, and shellfish are the most foods that contain zinc, which improves mood, reduces pressure and tension and makes you feel energetic and energetic.
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