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Learn ways to moisturize dry skin with natural recipes.

There are many reasons behind dry skin such as weather, sun exposure, hot showers and we show you the best natural recipes for dry skin, in order to get rid of dry skin that makes the face pale and dull. It is necessary to provide moisture to your skin in order to appear healthy, and the skin is one of the very sensitive elements in the body where every part of the body is covered with skin, so it is necessary to take care of it and protect it from toxins and external elements, and as a result, it becomes at risk of disease more than any other part In the body, and among these problems are dry skin, which is very prevalent and affects the level of your beauty and confidence in yourself. When you moisturize dry skin every day, you can get glowing and glowing skin. If you want to keep your skin away from many problems, you will need moisturizing. Every day, although there are many Moisturizing creams available in stores, but you can equip dry skin moisturizing recipes with household items to provide you with amazing results.

Moisturizing dry skin
You can moisturize your skin with milk, as the milk has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that can eliminate itchy and dry skin. It also contains lactic acid that moisturizes dry skin and removes dead cells to treat dry skin completely, take a quantity of milk and soak a small towel inside it and then apply the towel to Skin for 5 minutes before washing the skin by soaking another cloth in lukewarm water, and it is preferable to repeat this method daily, and you can mix an amount of milk with a few drops of rose water and rub the mixture on dry skin and preferably leave it for 10 minutes before bathing, and you can It does this solution Twice per day.
Honey :
It is considered one of the well-known moisturizers for dry skin is honey because it has anti-inflammatory and microbial properties and anti-oxidant properties, as it can make the skin smooth and soft in addition to extending the skin with essential minerals and vitamins to improve its beauty and get more glowing skin, taking a quantity of pure honey and rubbing the body with it, leaving it For 10 minutes before the bath. It is preferable to do this method daily, and equal quantities of olive oil, beeswax, honey and beeswax are melted in a skillet on a low temperature and turn off the temperature to mix it with olive oil and honey, and you can apply the mixture to the body for 10 minutes and take a bath, and you can do Do this every day, day or day depending on the condition of dry skin.

As yogurt is not only a snack, it is also a good skin care ingredient because it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that soothe itch and dry skin successfully. Lactic acid in yogurt fights bacteria and germs that cause itching and dry skin, and put yogurt on the skin, whether leg or face, hands and gently massage for 10 minutes, to get the best results you can do these steps once a day, mix a large spoon of papaya with a cup of yogurt and stir with a few Drops of lemon juice and honey and apply the mixture on the skin for 15 minutes before rinsing with cold water.

You can use it to make delicious dishes for your family and also provide care for dry skin. The reason is that oats contain the protein needed to moisturize the skin and prevent water loss on the skin and protect your skin from other damage. In addition, oatmeal includes antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that gradually improve skin health, equip a bath with warm water, and put a cup of flour Oats in water with the addition of a few drops of lavender oil to soak the body inside for 15 - 30 minutes, mix a cup of oatmeal with mashed bananas and add some little lukewarm milk if necessary and apply the mixture to the skin for 10 - 15 minutes. You can try this The mask is bitter One week.

Sesame oil :
Where sesame oil contains vitamin E and vitamin A, which are vital vitamins for dry skin, this oil helps to improve the condition of the skin and reduce dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, protection from sun UV radiation, and, moreover, cleansing pores and preventing free radical damage. Sesame oil contains a high content of palmitic and fatty acids and linoleic acids to moisturize the skin completely, and you can mix a quantity of sesame oil with almond oil or castor oil and apply the mixture to the affected skin., And you can massage gently and leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.

It is considered one of the ideal elements in moisturizing the skin because it saves you from dry skin as well, fading fine lines, wrinkles, pores and acne, and avocado can be pureed with papaya and stir well for 15 minutes before washing with water, and preparing a small spoon of oatmeal powder, a small spoon of honey and papaya Mashed ripe, cooked peach, a few tablespoons of mashed strawberry and stirring, then rub the skin with the mixture and leave it for 10 - 15 minutes before washing with warm water.

It is an excellent moisturizer for dry skin because it creates a barrier layer between the skin cells and thus increases the recovery of the skin. This property is very useful in protecting dry skin, burns, scratches, small wounds, cracking of the skin and it also reduces fine lines and fights dry skin well for the purpose of n Take a quantity of petroleum jelly and apply it on dry skin to moisturize the skin and improve its appearance and before bed. Apply petroleum jelly to the feet and hands and wear socks and gloves to get good results.
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