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Learn the causes of flatulence

Flatulence of the stomach and abdomen is the health condition in which a person feels that his stomach is full and tight, and in which the stomach or intestine is in a state of expansion and filled with gases that may come out through the anus, as the swelling accompanied by belching and pain in the upper abdomen area, then there is swelling in the stomach, If the swelling is accompanied by gases and problems in the output, then the swelling is a swelling in the colon and it occurs at any time, whereas the stomach swelling is usually after eating, everyone is exposed to a feeling of flatulence, but the reason is not usually due to excessive eating, it could be Reason Because of the type of food itself or there is a health problem that results in flatulence.

Causes of flatulence:
Many believe that they suffer from flatulence because they have a lot of stomach gases, but the presence of many gases is often linked to a specific health condition such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, when the nerve associated with the colon irritates, the reflux of the esophagus (which causes irritation of the esophagus) Throat and stomach ”) and hemorrhoids, if you always have a problem with gases, you should consult a doctor to find out the reason for this condition:

the salt:
It is natural that your body needs salt, but many of us consume more salt than their body needs for it, causing salt to retain water inside the body, which may cause very serious health problems such as high blood pressure, and you should avoid foods that contain a lot of salt Like fast food, you should also examine the ingredients of any packaged foods to make sure of the proportion of sodium in them because it is not necessarily that you do not feel salt in the foods that it is not included in the ingredients.

Lots of carbohydrates:
As carbohydrates are the body with sufficient fuel that can be used quickly, but consuming a lot of carbohydrates at once makes your body retain water inside them, and the more quickly carbohydrates enter the blood the faster this is, simple carbohydrates such as bread, sweets, sweets and drinks enter the blood quickly While complex carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits and vegetables do not get into the blood quickly because they take longer in digestion.

The size of your stomach is almost the same as the size of your fist, and the stomach can stretch, but it can make you feel bloated, especially if you eat a lot of salty foods and carbohydrates, so we recommend that you stop eating before you feel that your stomach is full.
Where it is considered to be bubbles that are found in soda and other drinks such as beer, shampoo or cellulite that are full of gases, when you drink these drinks, where your digestive system is full, you can burp some but when gases reach your stomach you will wait for them to get out of the body, and most of the drinks that It contains soda that contains a large amount of sugar that causes you to hold water inside your body and feel bloated.

You eat fast:
As the more you eat faster, the more air you swallow and the more bubbles drink bubbles, as soon as the air enters your intestine you may feel bloated, your stomach takes you about 20 minutes to tell your brain that it has become full, so during the 20 minutes you may have eaten more until it reaches Pointing to the brain, which makes you feel bloated and discomfort due to eating more than needed.

Where some people feel constipation from time to time, this may be a reason behind the feeling of bloating, and there are many reasons for constipation such as certain types of foods, insufficient drinking of water, sudden change in your diet or stress, and constipation is a condition that can disappear On its own, but there are some exercises and some over-the-counter medications that can help you get rid of constipation.

Dairy products:
Foods like dairy and ice cream can cause gas, stomach pain and bloating if your body does not easily digest the sugar that is found in dairy products and is lactose sugar, and this is not a serious condition, but it is a good idea to avoid dairy products, some medications can help you to digest Easier n, and this condition is not like the case of dairy allergy in which the immune system treats dairy products as an enemy, and this is a dangerous condition that causes chills, vomiting and blood in the stool.

If it gained more than 25 kilograms in the previous year, you can feel bloating due to excess weight, usually around your stomach area, which takes a large place and leaves less space for the stomach to expand, and you should consult a doctor to help you make a diet for you to lose the extra weight to get rid of Bloating.

Where your body needs fat to build the cell wall, tissue nerves (such as the brain) and hormones, but excessive intake makes you feel bloated because your body needs more time to break it than other types of food, and fat contains many calories that can cause you to gain weight if You are not careful, and this will make you feel bloated as well.

It is a condition known as premenstrual syndrome, which makes some women feel tired, pain and discomfort in the week leading up to the menstrual period. One of the symptoms of this condition is water retention inside the body that will make you feel bloated, and this reason is not clear, but hormones play an important role, you can exercise some Exercise and stay away from sugar, salt and simple carbohydrates so that your condition does not get worse.

Wheat allergy:
It is considered one of the diseases of hypersensitivity that affects the small intestine. These symptoms of hypersensitivity appear due to the patient's intolerance to the gelatin protein (gluten) found in wheat and barley. This disease causes diarrhea, weight loss, abdominal pain and a lot of gases that make you You feel bloated, and this condition has no cure, but can relieve your symptoms if you avoid eating gelatin-containing foods.
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