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How do I control my appetite to eat

There are many tips that help reduce the appetite for food, but spreading diets increase one's craving for food; and you are supposed to do the opposite, and in any case it is known that we eat a lot of food, according to a study done in the United States of America found that two thirds of adults Americans are those who suffer from problems and defects with weight gain and are classified as obese. The study says that men and women weigh more than they were in the late seventies by 18 pounds (8.16 kg) approximately, so everyone must monitor what they eat from food around the clock, it is a problem that suffers Mostly of them Yeh.

Control my appetite for food:
Estimate your degree of hunger:
Meaning, when you feel hungry, you should not start thinking about what you will eat; rather, estimate the degree of your hunger and the extent of your actual need for food, give yourself five points, and the degree (one) is the lowest, when you get a few degrees, think about knowing what is the real reason behind your feeling of hunger. It was not caused by the need for food, it may be because of boredom, stress, perhaps stress or lack of sleep, and sometimes other feelings can be similar to the feeling of hunger, do not let it deceive you to think that you need food, and you can deceive your fake feelings of hunger so that you change your seat Or talk to your friends over the phone, or you can read in a magazine or newspaper, or To get out in a short stroll around the house, or take a short nap, the disappeared, these feelings will make sure you have your assessment as fake.

Think about what you eat and how much:
You should try to focus on what you eat, so you should not place the table near the TV or any source of distraction that may make you eat large quantities without paying attention to it, and these distractions will not make you feel enjoyment while you are eating your food, put the dining table in a place far from distractions, and buy a basket From straw and force everyone to finish, get rid of their phones and put them in until the meal is done, that's a good idea.

Protein intake:
Where adding an abundant amount of protein to the diet contributes to a feeling of satiety, fullness and control of appetite, eating small amounts in the next meal, and losing weight, and a study conducted for eight weeks showed, and compared two breakfast breakfasts that matched in terms of the number of calories, but one of them Made up of eggs and the other from beagle bread, people who ate eggs for breakfast lost 65% more weight and about 16% of the accumulated fat in the body compared to those who ate the bread.
Fiber intake:
Where dietary fiber helps slow the rate of emptying of the stomach, and enhances the feeling of satiety and fullness, where a recent study showed that "adding peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas and other fiber-rich grains to the diet contributes to enhancing the feeling of satiety and fullness by 31%, compared to With other meals that do not depend on grains, as consuming an additional 14 grams of fiber per day reduces the amount of calories by up to 10% during the day, thus reducing weight around 1.9 kg in 3.8 months.

Drink green tea:
Where green tea contains amazing plant nutrients known as (epigallocachin galate), which is responsible for the release of the hormone (cholecystokinin) responsible for creating a feeling of satiety, and drinking green tea helps fill appetite between 2 to 4 hours depending on the type of meal that was eaten before drinking it Epigallocatechin galate also contributes to boosting the metabolic rate, thus increasing the calorie burning rate.

 Doing exercise:
Where exercising exercises before eating meals contributes to filling the appetite, and a review based on 20 different studies has shown that exercise, especially high-intensity exercises, leads to the suppression of hormones responsible for feeling hungry, as a low level of ghrelin is observed in the body, which is The hormone responsible for feeling hungry, and the high level of full hormones such as (GLP-1) and (PPY).

Eat foods that make you feel full:
You should stay away from foods full of fat and direct to those that will make you feel full quickly, such as vegetables, as one researcher in nutrition, Barbara Rolls, found that people do not count the number of calories to know if they have had enough or not, but rather depend on the amount of food that is placed in their dishes And they continue to eat until they finish the usual quantities, she advises those who want to reduce his appetite to try to trick their body into thinking that they have eaten enough food and calories, by eating foods that feel full such as water, vegetables, fruits, soups, and the purchase of dishes for small size food.

Drinking coffee:
 Coffee has many health and physical benefits, in addition to reducing appetite and controlling it, as research has shown that it increases the secretion of PYY peptide, a hormone that is produced, and its secretion in the gastrointestinal tract in response to eating, as it helps to feel full, and that coffee that does not Contains caffeine to help reduce hunger for up to three hours.
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