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Eliminate fear and anxiety

Many people suffer from chronic stress and anxiety, as they face symptoms such as nervousness, irritability, rapid heartbeat, and chest pain, and it should be noted that anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems, and in some cases anxiety can be the result On the incidence of another health condition such as: hyperthyroidism, and obtaining an accurate diagnosis can ensure that the person gets the best treatment, while for fear it is one of the strongest feelings affecting the mind and body, and it should be noted that a feeling of fear can form when a person It is in cases of a Emergencies, such as getting caught in a fire or being attacked, and a person can also feel intimidated when facing some non-dangerous events such as: exams, speaking to the public, when starting a new job, or when an appointment or even a party approaches, feelings are considered feelings Fear of negative feelings in their entirety, as they push the person to self-censure, constant thinking and constant anticipation in a way that tired the soul, thought and health, so that people do not enjoy life like other people, and there are many reasons behind these feelings, which we will talk about here in this article, and we will talk about how Get rid of these feelings pal Faction.

Eliminate anxiety:
Where there are some methods that can be followed to get rid of anxiety, including: Deep breathing: where it is advised to sit and close the eyes, and to breathe naturally with a focus on the feeling of breath when entering and leaving the nose, where one hand should be placed on the abdomen and the other on the chest, and take a deep breath with Counting for the four, then holding the breath and counting for the three, then exhaling and counting for the four, where the hand enters the interior during inhalation, and exits at the exhalation, and in this way the attention of the brain is diverted to breathe and not to think of anything else, and this process must be repeated several times as necessary, until the thinking settles Mind in the process of breathing, not P Thinking about the past or the future, whenever the person making the habit daily whenever he feels comfortable faster.
Meditation exercises:
Where it is advised to practice meditation and give oneself a serenity period, and start today with ten minutes of isolation and positive energy, and self-care by practicing self-care activities such as massage and caring for the body and hair, as such activities have an impact on a person's mental health.

 Avoid soda:
As soda depletes vitamins and minerals from the diet and causes a smile to ruin, the teeth become more susceptible to decay, and with time and frequent use of soda, the outer layers of the teeth begin to hollow and also lose the minerals.

 Avoid caffeine, sugar and processed foods:
As caffeine may cause heart palpitations if a person consumes many drinks that contain caffeine, caffeine can also lead to panic attacks and anxiety, especially if the person suffers from an anxiety disorder, just as sugar is considered an invigorating adrenal gland. It causes anxiety or even panic attacks, and other foods that contain refined flour products and wheat should be avoided because they cause inflammation. It should be noted that sensitivity to certain foods is also a contributing factor to hyperactivity of the central nervous system.

 Eat a healthy diet:
 As the diet followed affects a person’s feelings, it is advised to eat meals that contain vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, and whole grains, as they can help reduce the risk of anxiety disorders, you must go out on a picnic, as it helps to spend time in Nature Mind and body rest from the hustle and bustle that causes anxiety for many people.

 Time management: As going to bed early gives the person the opportunity to sleep long enough, because sleep deprivation is the first cause of anxiety, as it is advised to wake up 15 minutes before the daily date of waking up, as the delay in the time of waking up and rushing in the morning increases the rate of anxiety For a person, therefore it is advisable to wake up early, arrange daily tasks and prepare for a restful day.

Eliminate fear:
  •  Methods that help get rid of fear: stay away from the source of fear, as it is impossible for a person to be able to think clearly when he is overwhelmed by feelings of fear or anxiety, and it is advised to stay away from the source of fear so that the person can obtain physical calm, and divert attention from these feelings for 15 A minute, for example, by walking, drinking a cup of tea, or taking a shower.
  •  Exercising deep breathing: In the event that the heartbeat rises, or sweating faster, the best thing to do in this situation is to put the person's palm on the abdomen and start to breathe slowly and deeply, the goal is to help the mind to get used to dealing with the fear state.
  • Not trying to reach idealism: a person must know that life is full of pressure, and a person may often face bad days, so a person must be convinced that achieving idealism in this life is almost impossible.
  • Focusing on positive feelings in daily life helps, get support from others, go for a walk or run in the park, and other things to get rid of a person's feelings of fear.
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