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Eliminate blackness around the mouth

Blackness around the mouth is one of the most common problems facing many people around the world, especially women, including the problem of changing the color of the area around the mouth and turning it into a dark or black color, as this problem negatively affects the aesthetic appearance of the face, and behind it many factors and causes Its head is the use of some cosmetics by women, some of which contain a high percentage of cortisone that leads to that problem over time, the presence of eczematitis causes these pigmentations, significant exposure to sunlight without the use of a condom and appropriate protection, as well as leaving the remnants of toothpaste around the mouth without washing it Hand and others, and due to the effect of this problem on a person's confidence in his appearance, as it affects the beauty of the lips, this problem is more prevalent in women than men; because it often has men beards, and this area is protected from many external factors, and the continuous throat in the blade With the use of a shave moisturizer that provides peeling and moisturizing, it prevents darkening, and we will offer the best methods for treating and disposing of it.

Causes of darkening around the mouth:
There are several reasons for blackening around the mouth, including:
Structural eczematous disease: It is an allergic disease, and its symptoms are the appearance of pigmentation around both eyes and mouth, and it is necessary to treat it in medical ways.
Dry skin around the mouth: 
This is often caused by licking of the lips and surrounding skin, which causes itching, thereby preparing the skin and darkening it.

Using cortisone ointments to treat infections around the mouth.
Not to wash the mouth well after brushing the toothpaste, leaving traces around the mouth. Some skin types are more pigmented than others. Having problems with the digestive system.

Methods to get rid of the darkening of the mouth:
Using a starch mask with honey: these compounds are considered one of the best elements that help to lighten dark areas, whose color changes due to various factors, by mixing a tablespoon of milk with fresh lemon and a spoon of honey, and put it on the dark area for a period of not less than a quarter of an hour Every day, you will get satisfactory results.

Mask apricot, peach and fresh strawberries with water, prepare an apricot, half a strawberry, and half a peach, and this was done by mixing these ingredients with each other until they become a coherent mixture, then add a moisturizing cream, and apply to the skin for a period of three hours, then rinse with water Tepid, and placed on the affected place for at least ten minutes, and you will notice the wonderful results.

Maintaining the moisture of that area by using various refreshments, especially natural ones, on top of which are honey and yoghurt. In the case of using lemon, which is the basis for lightening, it is recommended to moisturize the area directly because the lemon increases its draining significantly, and drink large quantities of water so that the moisture is internal and external.

Care of facial hygiene, including the area around the mouth in a large way, and make sure to clean it from makeup, especially before bedtime, and wash the mouth well after using toothpaste, because any residue from this compound leads to the appearance of a darkening in that area and the use of sweetness or wax to remove hair around Mouth, whether in the upper or lower area, and avoiding the use of razor or blade, especially for women.

Sweet almond oil: Sweet almond oil is one of the most important oils used in cosmetic recipes, specifically in the field of skin lightening, so this recipe is one of the most effective recipes to lighten the area around the mouth, as sweet almond oil can be applied to the area and left for a quarter of an hour, Then wash it off with cold water, and the recipe can be repeated daily for the fastest results

Oats and tomato juice: This recipe can be prepared by mixing two teaspoons of oatmeal, then add two teaspoons of tomato juice, and one teaspoon of yogurt and mix the ingredients well, and then distribute the mixture over the area, leave for a quarter of an hour, then wash the area with cold water, preferably Repeat the recipe three times a week.

Lemon juice: where lemon contributes to lightening the skin and removing blackness around the mouth area, thanks to the large amounts of citric acid, and it is made through two teaspoons of lemon juice and a tablespoon of rose water, and the above ingredients are mixed together well The mixture is placed on the area around the mouth, rubbed well, and the mixture is left on the area for 10-15 minutes, then the area is washed with lukewarm water, and this recipe is repeated four or five times per week to obtain the desired results.
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